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Architectural Forum. August-September 1964. THEMA: Architecture in transition.

Time Inc. New York. 1964

Standardeinband. 238 S. : In English. INHALT: 75 years of change - mostly unpredicted. An architect's scrapbook. New Work - a new style?: CBS: symbol of strength; The word from Britain: Character; Connecticut prayer tent; Powerful laboratory in Japan; Soaring chapel in Formosa; 'Fortress' dormitory in Seattle; Solid headquarters in Virginia; A sinewy embassy in Dublin; Big campus for Chicago; Mighty piers for a Calfornia church; A geometric chapel in New Mexico; Boldly massed library in Tokyo; Sweeping structures for the Olympics; light, form and power: New work of Louis Kahn. Cities - the new scale. Guter Zustand/ Good Cover shows mild wear Ex-Library.

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Architectural Forum. December 1957.

Time Inc. New York. 1957

Standardeinband. 216 S. : In English. INHALT: Milwaukee's living memorial (Saarinen). The new New Orleans. Europe's great churches. A remedy for rental housing. The space-module school (Kump). Stage set for business: showroom in Chicago. New shape on Main Street: store in Las Vegas. Guter Zustand/ Good Cover shows mild wear Ex-Library.

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Architectural Forum. December 1958.

Time Inc. New York. 1958

Standardeinband. 184 S. : In English. Some pages torn. INHALT: UNESCO's cheerful new home. Yale's Viking vessel. Building a 49th state: Alaska. How do architects sell? The church in a modern world. Philadelphia's design sweepstakes. A lesson for river cities: A Spokane utility company's new headquarters building. Fun with architecture: Cartoonist Tomi Ungerer. New light on the eye. Coming: the automatic salesroom. Guter Zustand/ Good Cover shows mild wear.

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Architectural Forum. February 1960. THEMA: Forecast for the sixties.

Time Inc. New York. 1960

Standardeinband. 220 S. : In English. INHALT: Continuity without compromise: Bennington College Library (Pietro Belluschi). Citizenship in building: National Bank of Detroit (Albert Kahn). Flying fir for a fair. Squaw Valley's Olympic tent. Alvar Aalto - Finn without borders. Medical center for Free Berlin. Mount Clemens' boot-strap renewal. Mount Clemens fresh-start housing. Building's soaring statistics. Building in the sixties: a $670-billion boom. Nervi's methodology: Sports Palace, Rome (Nervi). Guter Zustand/ Good cover shows mild wear Ex-Library.

Artikel-Nr.: 245078

Architectural Forum. February 1962.

Time Inc. New York. 1962

Standardeinband. 154 S. : In English. INHALT: Colleges: The education explosion: California's Foothill campus; University of Georgia; Meditation center for Mount Holyoke, Mass.; Cornell's new library. Dormitories: Designs for student life. The mood of a great campus: Jefferson University of Virginia. Foreign money boosts U.S. building. High-style factory. New towns from small towns. Sealants: Keeping the weather out. Guter Zustand/ Good cover shows mild wear Ex-Library.

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Architectural Forum. January 1954.

Stuttgart, Verlagsanstalt Koch. 1954

Standardeinband. 150 S. : Guter Zustand. INHALT: Mr. Moses builds a fair. New York's coming extravaganza boasts some starting shapes. Building's boggest Wreckers: To the Lipsett Brothers, Penn Station is just another job. Lesson in concrete: A Swiss school displays civilization on many levels. Monastery for Air Research: I. M. Pei designs a striking laboratory on a Colorado mesa. Six offices, six solutions: New interiors form the giant Pan American Building.

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Architectural Forum. January 1962.

Time Inc. New York. 1962

Standardeinband. 168 S. : In English. Guter Zustand/ Good cover shows mild wear Ex-Library.

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Architectural Forum. June 1981

London, The Architectural Press. 1981

Standardeinband. 60 S. : Guter Zustand. INHALT: Intern. interior design ideas competition: Jewellery and silversware shop. Berlin: IBA: Josef Paul Kleihues. Germany: Architecture from frying pan to fire: Meinhard von Gerkan. Three Buildings in Munich: Criticism by Peter Davey. 1. Neue Pinakothek: Arch.: Alexander von Branueca. 2 Patentasts: Architects: Von Gerkan Marg & Partner. 3. Hypobank: Arch.: Walter & Bea Betz.

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Architectural Forum. March 1957.

Time Inc. New York. 1957

Standardeinband. 274 S. : In English. INHALT: New York's office boom. Beethoven and basketball: Auditorium in Tallahassee, Fla. (Gropius). Chapel for China (Ming Pei). The Miesian superblock: Detroit (Mies van der Rohe). Architecture as space (Zevi). Guter Zustand/ Good Cover shows mild wear

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Architectural Forum. March 1962.

Time Inc. New York. 1962

Standardeinband. 190 S. : In English. INHALT: The change in urban living. American cities - dead or alive? FHA: Apartment design by bureaucracy. The architect as superman. Bright tower for San Francisco. Rebuilding: Classic gallery wing: Albright-Konx in Buffalo. Civic pride is repaid: Courthouse for a Colorado county. Technology: four good ideas: Slip forms; lift dome; flying cranes; test room. Guter Zustand/ Good cover shows mild wear Ex-Library.

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Architectural Forum. March 1963.

Time Inc. New York. 1963

Standardeinband. 193 S. : In English. INHALT: Apartment building: Butterfield House, New York; Horizon House, New Jersey; Sam Lefrak: manufacturer of middle-income housing. Office interiors: new art of banking: Manhattan's Bankers Trust. 100 biggest architects. The new Saarinen office. Three small office buildings: California cantilever, Seattle sample, Texas texture. Technology: Metal prefabs come of age. Gallery: Alexander Liberman. Rebuilding: apartment lobby, airline ticket office, downtown motel. Guter Zustand/ Good Cover shows mild wear Ex-Library.

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Architectural Forum. March 1966.

Time Inc. New York. 1966

Standardeinband. 98 S. : In English. INHALT: Cut-rate revolution. I.B.M. thinks twice. Repetitive forms: Ancient Mediterranean villages. Harvard's Larsen Hall. Focus: a monthly revies of notable buildings. Class amid clutter: Pittsburgh library (Schweikher). Variety in Seattle: two dormitories. Better farmhoouses. Books: On urban planning. Mies and Nervi. 'One, two, three' : Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche, Berlin (Eiermann). Guter Zustand/ Good Cover shows mild wear

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Architectural Forum. May 1965.

Stuttgart, Verlagsanstalt Koch. 1965

Standardeinband. 80 S. : Guter Zustand. INHALT: The Economist Buildings: A digest of articulate British criticism of a new London complex. After the Bulldozer: An unsophisticated book has stierred a sophisticated discourse on the federal urban renewal program. Villlage House: A multi-chambered residence cassades down a precipice.

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Architectural Forum. October 1960.

Time Inc. New York. 1960

Standardeinband. 206 S. : In English. INHALT: A shimmering set of industrial stacks: S.O.M. designed textile plant for Deering Milliken. Arena for the auto age: Cobo Hall in Detroit. Noteworthy buildings: A split-level studio in Minnesota, a geodesic garden umbrella in Ohio, a tight little school in Washington, a boxed office in New Jersey. Vigorous roofs on formal facades: Middle East's greatest mosques. Fortress of faith: 'La Tourette' (Le Corbusier). 1961: a $58 billion year for building. Aid for the aged hospital. Toledo gets a plaza: Libbey-Owens-Ford's new headquarters. Sacramento's second gold rush. The theater automatique: Loeb Theater, Harvard. The economy of composite design. Guter Zustand/ Good cover shows mild wear

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Architectural Forum. September 1957

Time Inc. New York. 1957

Standardeinband. 144 S. : In English. INHALT: Insurance sets a pattern: Connecticut General. Architecture at a profit: The office of Perkins & Will. Rotterdam's beehive: New Shopping Center. Chapel of the air: Air Force Academy in Colorado. Two kinds of campus coherence: Lake Eric College and Santa Barbara College. Newark wakes up. American in Thailand: New US Embassy in Bangkok. FHA in suburbia. Concrete battles its weight. Air flow around buildings. Guter Zustand/ Good Cover shows mild wear.

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