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Abraham Cowley: Poetry & Prose.. With an Introduction and Notes by L. C. Martin.

Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1949.

Leinen 128 S. : Guter Zustand.

Artikel-Nr.: 547834

Anderson, Howard L.: Albert of Adelaide.

Sperpent`s Tail London, 2012. ISBN: 184668840X

Cloth with dust jacket 228 S. : Sehr guter Zustand/ very good

Artikel-Nr.: 503718

Barbour, Douglas / Scobie, Stephen (Ed.): The Maple laugh forever. An Anthology of Canadian Comic Poetry.

Hurtig Publishers Ltd. Edmonton, 1981. ISBN: 0888302045

Paperback/ broschiert 192 S. : Stamped edges. Guter Zustand/ Good Ex-Library. With numerous b/w ill. Cover slightly creased.

Artikel-Nr.: 410966

Besant Walter / Rice, James: The Chaplain of the Fleet. A Novel. Vol. 1+2. [2 Vols.] (=Asher´s Collection of English Authors; Vo. 171+172).

Grädener & Richter Hamburg, 1881.

328, 336 S. : Guter Zustand/ Good Ex-Library. Brownish paper. Stamped edges.

Artikel-Nr.: 426912

Burns, Robert:: The Poetical Works of Robert Burns; with Memoir, prefatory Notes, and a complete Marginal Glossary.. Edited by John and Angus MacPherson.

London, Scott, 0.

cloth 597 S. : Good condition. Note of ownership. Brownish edges.

Artikel-Nr.: 553035

Cailliet, Emile:: Pascal. Genius in the Light of Scripture.

Philadelphia. Westminster Press, 1945.

Leinen mit Schutzumschlag. 381 S. : Guter Zustand. Seiten altersbedingt vergilbt. Einband mit geringfügigen Gebrauchsspuren. Schutzumschlag lichtrandig und mit Fehlstellen. Good condition. Cover slightly worn. Dust jacket faded and damaged.

Artikel-Nr.: 548188

Croft- Cooke, Rupert: Picaro. ( = The Albatross Modern Continental Library, 228) .

The Albatross Hamburg, 1934.

Paperback/ broschiert 252 S. : Guter Zustand/ Good Cover shows mild wear.

Artikel-Nr.: 485157

Engel, Eduard:: Geschichte der englischen Litteratur von ihren Anfängen bis auf die neueste Zeit.. Mit einem Anhange: Die amerikanische Litteratur.

Leipzig, Friedrich, 1883.

Leinen 669 S. : Guter Zustand.

Artikel-Nr.: 560092

Enzensberger, Hans Magnus: The Sinking of the Titanic. A Poem. Translated by the author.

Houghton Mifflin Company Boston, 1980. ISBN: 0395291216

Paperback/ broschiert 98 S. : Sehr guter Zustand/ very good Signed by the author. Cover very slightly used.

Artikel-Nr.: 463394

Foers, E. / Jones, J.: Comprehension and Précis. (=The Oxford Comprehension Course, Vol. IV).

Oxford University Press London, 1960.

Hardcover/ Pappband 140 S. : Sehr guter Zustand/ very good

Artikel-Nr.: 437114

Gill (Ed.), Roma and Christopher Marlowe:: Plays (Oxford Paperbacks)

Oxford University Press, 1979. ISBN: 9780192810625

Paperback 441 Seiten : Good condition.

Artikel-Nr.: 560652

Grimes, Martha: Foul Matter.

Viking New York, 2003.

Hardcover mit Schutzumschlag/ Pappband 372 S. : Dust jacket and edges mildly soiled. Guter Zustand/ Good

Artikel-Nr.: 503719

Gross, Konrad / Klooss, Wolfgang (Ed.): English Literature of the Dominions. Writings on Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Königshausen & Neumann Würzburg, 1981. ISBN: 3884790412

Paperback/ broschiert 109 S. : Guter Zustand/ Good Ex-Library. Stamped edges.

Artikel-Nr.: 410959

Heath, Charles: The Keepsake 1846. With beautiful finished Engravings, from Drawings by the first Artists. Edited by The Countess of Blessington.

Longman London-New York, 1846.

Hardcover/ Pappband 278 S. : Cover damaged. Paper soiled. Yearbook of english Literature from 1828-1857. Befriedigender Zustand/ satisfyingly Ex-Library. Inner book separated from cover. With b/w photos.

Artikel-Nr.: 490186

Herrig, L.: The British Classical Authors. Select Specimens of the National Literature of England. From G. Chaucer To the Present Time. With Biographical and Critical Sketches. Poetry and Prose.

Westermann Brunswick, 1860.

707 S. : Spine slightly damaged. Brownish paper. Some pages with penciled notations. Guter Zustand/ Good Ex-Library. Cover worn. Slightly bumped corners.

Artikel-Nr.: 424845

Hewett, Jerry / Mallett, Daryl F.: The Work of Jack Vance. An Annotated Bibliography & Guide. (=Bibliographies of modern Authors, No. 29).

The Borgo Press San Bernadino/California, 1994. ISBN: 0887331661

Hardcover/ Pappband 293 S. : Copy 8 of 250 numbered copies, signed by the contributors: Jack Vance, Jerry Hewett, Daryl F. Mallett, Robert Silverberg. Cover and slipcase very slightly stained. With slipcase. Sehr guter Zustand/ very good

Artikel-Nr.: 444283

Intze, O.: Nicholas Rowe. Tamerlane 1702.

Groos Heidelberg, 1910.

Hardcover/ Pappband 268 S. : Ecken und Kanten leicht berieben. Guter Zustand Bibl-Ex. Großformat. Buchrücken schadhaft.

Artikel-Nr.: 410893

Kates, J. (ed.): In the Grip of Strange Thoughts. Russian Poetry in a New Era.

Zephyr Press Brookline, 1999. ISBN: 0939010577

Cloth 444 S. : In Russian and English. Guter Zustand/ Good Ex-Library. Cover very slightly used.

Artikel-Nr.: 437205

Lord Byron/ Scott, W. B. ( Ed. ): The complete Poetical Works of Lord Byron. Vol. III [of III] .

Routledge and Sons London, 1886.

Cloth 676 S. : Few pages mildly damaged. Guter Zustand/ Good Cover faded at the edges and shows mild wear.

Artikel-Nr.: 434436

Lord Byron/ Scott, W. B. ( Ed. ): The complete Poetical Works of Lord Byron. Vol. I[ of III] .

Routledge and Sons London, 1886.

Cloth 692 S. : Paper mildly soiled. Guter Zustand/ Good Cover faded at the edges and shows mild wear.

Artikel-Nr.: 434435

Meredith, George: The Egoist. A Comedy in Narrative.

Foreign Languages Publishing House Moscow, 1962.

Cloth 669 S. : Einleitung in russisch. / Introduction in Russian. Guter Zustand/ Good Ex-Library. Hinges damaged. Brownish paper.

Artikel-Nr.: 481882

Milton, John: Paradise Lost. A Poem in Twelve Books. The last edition. 2 books [in 1 vol].

Ganeau Paris, 1754.

Leather xxv, 294, 96,64 S. : The last page of the 2nd vol. 'A glossary comprehending a brief and clear explication of all the difficult words ...' is missing. Leather worn and brittle. Lower spine discoloured. Pages mildly brownish. Inner book in good condition. Guter Zustand/ Good In englischer Sprache/ English.

Artikel-Nr.: 429162

Mummendey, Richard: Die Sprache und Literatur der Angelsachsen im Spiegel der Deutschen. Universitätsschriften 1885-1950. (=Bonner Beiträge zur Bibliotheks- und Bücherkunde; Band 1).

Bouvier Bonn, 1954.

Broschur 200 S. : Befriedigender Zustand Bibl-Ex. Einband berieben. Einband und Seiten mit leichten Knickspuren.

Artikel-Nr.: 410956

Püschel, Brita: Thomas A. Becket in der Literatur. (=Beiträge zur englischen Philologie; 45. Heft).

Pöppinghaus Bochum, 1963.

Broschur 183 S. : Einige Seiten lose. Befriedigender Zustand Bibl-Ex. Einband lichtrandig. Einband mit kleiner Knickspur.

Artikel-Nr.: 408584

Radcliffe, Ann:: The Mysteries of Udolpho. 2 Vols. Fiction.. Everyman`s Library, No. 865 / 866.

London, J.M.Dent & Co., 1931.

cloth, 336 / 344 S., 17 cm, : Guter Zustand / good condition. Edges soiled.

Artikel-Nr.: 570170

Rushdie, Salman: Luka and the Fire of Life.

Cape London, 2010.

Paperback/ broschiert 216 S. : Guter Zustand/ Good Cover shows mild wear.

Artikel-Nr.: 432367

Salah, Tahani: Marrow of the Sahara.


Paperback/ broschiert ca.25 S. : Sehr guter Zustand/ very good No place nor date.

Artikel-Nr.: 480306

Sambuk, Rostislav: The Jeweler from Capuchins Street. An Adventure Story.

Dnipro Kiev, 1982.

Paperback/ broschiert 247 S. : Guter Zustand/ Good Brownish paper. Cover shows mild wear.

Artikel-Nr.: 456587

Scott, Walter: Ivanhoe. A Romance. (With twelve coloured Illustrations by Charles E. Brock).

Dent London, 1899.

Cloth 523 S. : Illustrierter Original-Einband. Einbandrücken a. Gelenk m. Einrissen u. gelockert. Einband m. leichten Gebrauchsspuren. Titel u. Frontizpiz leicht stockfleckig. Gut erhalten. Good copy. Guter Zustand/ Good

Artikel-Nr.: 409187

Scott, Walter: Quentin Durward. By the Author of `Waverley, Peveril of the Peak`. Three Volumes. Vol. III.

Schlesinger Berlin, 1823.

Hardcover/ Pappband 209 S. : Soiled pages. Befriedigender Zustand/ satisfyingly Cover shows wear.

Artikel-Nr.: 506664

Scott, Walter: The Pirate.

Adam & Charles Black Edinburgh, 1871.

Cloth 474 S. : Spine damaged, mended with sticky tape. Slightly bumped corners. Brownish paper. Inner book broken. Befriedigender Zustand/ satisfyingly With figures. Ex-Library. Shelf-cocked.

Artikel-Nr.: 409185

Shakespeare, William:: The complete Works of William Shakespeare.

London, Oxford Univers. Press, 1952.

cloth 1164 S. : Good condition. With dedication. Note of ownership.

Artikel-Nr.: 569160

Suk- Young, Hwang: The Shadow of Arms. ( Cornell East Asia Series) .

Cornell University Ithaca, 1994. ISBN: 0939657732

Paperback/ broschiert 497 S. : Sehr guter Zustand/ very good Cover very slightly used.

Artikel-Nr.: 403578

Waugh, Evelyn:: Remote People.


Hardcover with dustjacket. 183 S., 22 cm. : Guter Zustand / good condition.

Artikel-Nr.: 547237

Wells, David A.: Robinson Crusoes Money; or, the remarkable financial fortunes and misfortunes of remote island community.

Smith New York, 1931.

Cloth 118 S. : Sehr guter Zustand/ very good With ill. Brownish paper.

Artikel-Nr.: 438331


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