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Arts of Asia 7-8/2008. Special Japanese Issue. THEMA: The Teien Museum. Museums für Lackkunst. Rijskmuseum, East Asian Art. Honlulu Academy of Arts. National Museum of Korea. The Gahoe Private Museum.

Hong Kong, Arts of Asia Publications. 2008

Standardeinband. 130 Seiten : Guter Zustand. INHALT: Patricia Salmon: Tokyo's Jewl . The Teien Museum: an innovative combination of French and Deco Design with Japanese. Monika Kopplin: Lcquer works by Takahashi Setsuro at the Museum für Lackkunst. Menno Fitski: Japanese art in the Westendorf-Osieck Collection. M: Morioka: Literati modern: Bunjinga from late Edo to twentieth Century in Japan ath the Honolulu Academy of Arts. Ariane Perrin: Korean Shamanist paintings and amulets in the Gahoe Museum, Seoul.

Artikel-Nr.: 540242

Arts of Asia 7-8/2009. THEMA: Japanese Art & Heritage.

Hong Kong, Arts of Asia Publications. 2009

Standardeinband. 130 Seiten : Guter Zustand. INHALT: Yoko Woodson: Lords of the Samurai: Legacy of a Daimyo Family. Simon Kaner: Dogu: Ceramic figures from the prehistoric Japanese Archipelago. N. Coolidge Rousmaniere: Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts: Sir Robert and Lady Sainsbury's Collection of Japanese Art. B. James Gardner: Taiwan today: Zhang Daqian exhibition at the National Museum of History. Collecting Japanese Art at the Victoria and Albert Museum. B. James Gardner: Restoration in Taiwan of Chinese painting and calligraphy.

Artikel-Nr.: 540240

Arts of Asia 9-10/1975. THEMA: Bamboo Brushpots.

Hong Kong, Arts of Asia Publications. 1975

Standardeinband. ca. 90 Seiten : Guter Zustand. INHALT: Walter E. Lutz: Bamboo Brushpots. Schalom Ben-Chorin: The Culture of Israel. Suresh Awasthi: Puppet Theatre of India. Sir John Figgess: Nabeshima and Ko-kutani aristocrats of Japanese procelain. Sharon Ziesnitz: Ikebana Basket Art. R. H. Leary: Book Reviews.

Artikel-Nr.: 576699

Arts of Asia 9-10/1987. THEMA: Surimono - Ukiyo-e Refined.

Hong Kong, Arts of Asia Publications. 1987

Standardeinband. 140 Seiten : Guter Zustand. INHALT: Timothy Mertel: Surimono - Ukiyo-e Refined. Sir Hugh Cortazzi: The Ohara Museum of Art at Kurashiki. John Stevens: Lotus Moon - the art of the Buddhist nun Rengetsu. Gerd Lester: Japanese Metal ARt in the Meiji Era. Julia Segraves: The Lacquer work of Suzuki Mutsumi. Liu Liang-Yu: Bluish-white and Ying-Ch'ing wares of Chingtechen.

Artikel-Nr.: 540224

Arts of Asia 9-10/1988. THEMA: Treasures of the Tokugawa.

Hong Kong, Arts of Asia Publications. 1988

Standardeinband. 140 Seiten : Guter Zustand. INHALT: Sir John Figges: Treasures of the Tokugawa. Gerd Lester: The Magnificent flora of Japanese screens. Sir Hugh Cortazzi: Kobe City Museum. JOhn Stevens: Tohoku Ceramic Museum: Ceramics of the Tohoku Region since the Edo Period.

Artikel-Nr.: 540227

Arts of Asia 9-10/1989. THEMA: The New Asian Galleries at the Newark Museum.

Hong Kong, Arts of Asia Publications. 1989

Standardeinband. 160 Seiten : Guter Zustand. INHALT: Valrae Reynolds a. o.: The Oriental collections at the Netwark Museum: A tour of the Netwark Museum's Japanese Galleries. The Inaugural exhibition of the Chinese collections at the Newark Museum. Korean Art treasures in the Newark Museum. The south Asian collections at hte Newark Museum. Highlights of the Newark Museum: Nepalese collection. Tibetan sculpture and painting in the Newark Museum.

Artikel-Nr.: 540233


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